Caevest is led by a team of construction, marine, oil and gas professionals, and offer a range of consultancy services for the international energy industry.

We provide complete project management for operators, facility owners and EPCIC contractors – on both onshore and offshore production projects – with a focus on pre-engineering, completions, commissioning, start-up and onsite execution.

Our knowledgeable professionals also support the legal profession, and can act as expert witness on related cases.

There are significant benefits to bringing in our team at the early stages. We will manage your project from beginning to end, and advise independently to mitigate costly delays, safety issues and damage to reputation.

Caevest has developed a unique commissioning framework that helps us take on risk and manage your project seamlessly.

This all leads to enhanced operability, performance, safety and efficiency, as well as giving you a much better chance of completing your project smoothly and within budget.

Importantly, every one of our experts brings real-world insights to concept and design, procurement and construction, as well as to project operations. They come fully equipped with the latest hardware, software and testing equipment, and are ready to take on the job with the flexibility and integrity they are renowned for.

We aim to be your dedicated regional partner and primary point of contact for completions, commissioning, start-up and operational support.

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Caevest are strategically headquartered in Singapore, where we service a portfolio of clients in Asia, Australiasia, Europe and the Middle East.


Offices opening shortly
Offices opening shortly