Established in 2010, Caevest is led by a team of commissioning, construction, marine, oil and gas professionals. We are considered a niche consultancy, specialising in completions, commissioning and start-up support.

Our expertise covers all areas of completions and commissioning, from directing input into the conceptual front-end engineering process, to onsite execution, start-up and operational support for the upstream sectors of fixed and floating production projects.

We also work alongside the legal profession, who use our knowledge of the industry to support complex cases.

Caevest is backed by a strong Board and enjoys solid investment, helping us to retain a firm foundation even during challenging times for the industry.

Strategically headquartered in Singapore, Caevest work with a range of clients throughout Asia, Australiasia, Europe and the Middle East.


Caevest take a strategic approach to commissioning management. By matching your objectives with our team’s expertise, we work together to solve the challenges you face.

Projects can often be complex and difficult. However, we have the knowledge and skills to completely manage a project from start to finish. We also come fully equipped with the right hardware and software needed to do the job well.

Our real-world, hands-on experience in the industry helps us provide a top quality service that you will find hard to match anywhere else. Because of this, we often take on high-risk projects that other companies turn down.

Caevest take an honest and flexible approach to everything we do. You will find us responsive to new and unexpected challenges, always offering pragmatic advice that works in your best interests.

We also have experience of Asian fabrication yards, so are fully aware of challenges and expectations that are part of this environment.

We support you throughout the lifecycle of a project from implementation through to onsite execution to operational support, making sure it comes in on time and on budget.

All our managers and engineers use our very own commissioning framework to make help us mitigate costly issues and bring your project to start up with minimum disruption.


Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning

We provide specialist project management for major operators, facility owners and EPCIC contractors.

Our team of experts support you throughout the lifecycle of a project, so it is important to bring us in early. That way, we can focus on the end game, and keep tight control of costs while making sure your project runs smoothly.

Caevest help you reduce risk to schedules, budgets and reputation – as well as ensure regulatory compliance with our in-house commissioning framework tools.

You can find out more about our Consultancy, Commissioning and Completions Management services by clicking on the links.


Our work spans areas such as contract negotiations and development, delay, warranty and operational performance. In addition, we consult on provisional and final acceptance issues specific to commissioning and start-up, as well as continued operations.

An invitation to partner with us

Caevest are keen to explore synergies that enhance our law partners’ capabilities. We are especially interested in working with partners on mechanical completions as well as on commissioning and start-up matters.

Having been engaged on many large-scale projects in Asia, our experts have an understanding of complex technical issues and a vast knowledge of commissioning, completions and acceptance.

We have witnessed first-hand how project execution and management determine the successes and failures of a project. Being independent experts, we quickly assess what has happened and recommend the actions you need to mitigate and protect your client’s interests.

Caevest welcome the opportunity to work with practices based in Singapore and throughout Asia, allowing us to contribute our expertise across a range of energy and regulatory matters.

In return, you will be able to expand your firm’s trade and regulatory services, and provide your clients with a breadth of legal and policy expertise across key sectors.


We have developed our own in-house commissioning framework to help plan and execute your project seamlessly.

The framework helps reduce risk to schedules, budgets and reputation. It also ensures regulatory compliance and early completion, where possible.

This means you stay in control and avoid potential problems that could affect your project later on – problems that cost valuable time and money.

How it works

Accurate costing

Our software includes a commissioning/completion estimating NORM system, so you can cost projects in detail and closely monitor production risk. It covers such areas as commissioning engineering, deliverables, resources, temporaries, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

Commissioning Logics

The system allows for systematic and clearly defined Execution Logic to be developed.

Detailed documentation

Integrates with PDMS & AutoCAD design software to develop detailed, accurate commissioning management and dynamic test procedures. This helps to execute the scope, mitigate risk of equipment damage warranty claims and enhances operability, reliability and production uptime.

Handover Management

The framework systematically manages transfer of care, custody and control. Inherent gate controls are in place to ensure all items are complete on a tag/subsystem level and that all captured defects are accepted/approved before being signed off.



As a company that services clients across the globe, we remain committed to minimising and improving the impact of our economic, social and environmental activities.

We work with our contacts, suppliers and staff to ensure that all projects align firmly with Caevest’s ethos and core values.

Core Values

Caevest is founded upon a clearly-defined set of principles that reflect who we are and how we operate. They influence everything we do.

At all times, we operate with honesty, integrity and flexibility.

All our systems and processes are certified to international standards, which are driven by our CSR values.

Honesty & Integrity

Clients come first

Passion for Excellence

Commitment to Quality