Consultancy Advisory

Managing your risk

The ability to identify the right strategy and make informed decisions is crucial for your company to succeed in this highly competitive market. By avoiding delays and improving safety, you can reduce costs and maintain your reputation.

Our in-house commissioning framework combines adaptable systems management with multi-discipline commissioning capabilities. This is highly beneficial at each stage of the process – from engineering, preparation, planning, costing and onsite execution to verification and assurance.

Underpinning these capabilities are our considerable skills in day-to-day operations, management and decision-making.

All Caevest consultants have a wealth of hands-on experience and industry knowledge, and are carefully selected on a client-by-client basis. They become part of your team to help you make better decisions, reduce costs and develop appropriate systems and strategies.

With their advice, your team will make confident and well-informed choices that drive your business forward to deliver projects safely, on time and on budget.

We go to great lengths to understand your business, operating style, culture, and objectives, and share our experience and insights on strategic and operational challenges.

Completions Management

The end game in mind

With a focus on the end game, we work with you to prevent issues that occur during the design, engineering and integration phases of your project.

Inadequate preparation, or procedures and processes that are badly thought out, invariably lead to expensive project delays.

When you define the risks and challenges early on, it leads to better decisions, more accurate costings, and a high-quality end result.

Caevest has developed a system of real-world strategies to help vendors and fabrication contractors achieve mechanical completions, pre-commissioning and commissioning scopes throughout the integration and execution phases.

Drawing on many years’ experience, our experts continually review the design, procurement, fabrication build and input, as well as manage risk in interfaces from a mechanical completions and commissioning perspective.

In addition, Caevest provide assurance and surveillance programs throughout the project locales. This eliminates risks to quality, integrity, schedule delays and potential for carryover or warranty defects.

Our team plan and implement the commissioning execution systemically, using our own expertise and resources in the office and the field. This ensures the delivery of safe and functioning facilities that meet and surpass the appropriate regulatory, safety and operational performance standards.

All the above is proven to save you money and maintain your good reputation.

Commissioning & Start-Up

We believe in cost effective, risk focused commissioning management.

In our experience, you can make significant cost and schedule savings by appointing expert commissioning management early in the project lifecycle.

Our input during conceptual feed and detailed engineering phases – as well as following through to support project procurement, site construction and installation execution phases – reduces your operational and start-up risks considerably.

We have a proven track record in FPSO new build and conversions in Southeast Asia and beyond. With direct responsibility for managing the commissioning and direct execution scope.

Our experts bring real-world insights to concept and design, procurement and construction, as well as to project operations.

This helps managers identify issues before they escalate, meaning that quality, cost and schedule are not compromised.

Expert Technical Witness

Powerful support in legal matters

Our in-depth knowledge of energy industry – in Singapore and internationally – enables us to skilfully support your practice through expert witness litigation.

We work closely with our partners on complex projects to define what role an expert witness needs to play. The greater the understanding of the initial assessment of the case (i.e. before an expert witness is appointed), the greater the chance of success.

All Caevest professionals are proven and respected in their fields, and deliver high quality support. Indeed, their track record of success cements their strong reputations and integrity as expert witnesses.

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